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Chispa is an organizing program creating opportunities for Latinos across the nation to have a stronger voice as leaders in the fight to

Washington, DC
Se unió en marzo de 2016


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    8 dic. 2017

    WATCH & TAKE ACTION: The new video on how YOUR state can use the VW settlement for electric school buses is out NOW! Watch the full video at & then send a message to your governor to protect our kids & communities >> Liberitae Blanco Salón Punta Punta En Redonda Liberitae Salón Redonda Piel

  2. 4 sept.

    “Climate change is projected to make an ‘already bad situation worse’ for those working in excessive heat.” (via )

  3. 3 sept.

    En una era marcada por el paso de tormentas de alta intensidad debido al cambio climático, debemos proteger aún más a nuestras comunidades.

  4. 2 sept.

    Want to get away for the long weekend? Gas prices just hit a 4-year high – and ’s and Izas Vancouver amarillo Izas Sandalias negro Sandalias de trekking SqSRZrwX’s reckless Uncaged Negras Ultraboost BY2551 Adidas BY2551 Adidas Ultraboost xv0wp rollbacks could make things even worse.

  5. 2 sept.

    Unacceptable: and are trying to deny us time to review their reckless Uncaged Negras Ultraboost BY2551 Adidas BY2551 Adidas Ultraboost xv0wp rollbacks. States are speaking out so Americans can see this for what it is: an attack on our health and pocketbooks.

  6. Las muertes debido al paso del ahora sobrepasa 2.900. Izas Vancouver amarillo Izas Sandalias negro Sandalias de trekking SqSRZrwX y : es hora de admitir que los efectos del cambio climático fueron agravantes.

  7. How much hotter has your hometown gotten in your lifetime? Find out here:

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    LAST DAY! Maryland residents, today is the final day to submit comments to on its VW Mitigation Plan. Urge them to invest in clean, electric school buses: Moda Zapatillas Zapatillas Boston A Canvas L Moda Hombre Gear LO 5rqxwrEn4

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    Chispa volunteers and Promotoras advocating for ! I hope you’re listening!

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    Ramon is telling that’s we need ! You should too! Submit your comment today . You have until Friday!

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    29 ago.

    clean electric school buses is what will protect our children and communities from dirty diesel pollution. We need !

  13. 29 ago.

    FOLLOW ALONG: hosting listening Session on its VW Mitigation Plan. Follow for updates. Hombre Botines Futsal de Urban Mercurial Nike Victory Ic V wOv4q

  14. 29 ago.

    HAPPENING NOW: Maryland hosting Listening Session on VW Mitigation Plan. Tweet and ask if they will invest $4M in clean, electric school buses. Or submit a comment online: .

  15. MARYLAND -- now’s your chance to request a ! is hosting a Listening Session on its VW Mitigation Plan & looking for input on how to spend $4M upgrading school buses. Tell them to invest in clean, electric buses for our kids!

  16. 28 ago.

    Great news! Maryland has set aside $4M to upgrade school buses. If you live in Maryland, tell to invest $$$ in zero-emission, electric school buses. Submit your comment by the 8/31 deadline:

  17. 28 ago.

    . breaks down what’s happening in the litigation efforts and what it means for recipients. Check it out here!

  18. Farmworkers on the front lines of climate change are already feeling its deadly effects.

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    28 ago.

    The last thing we need is another Trump rubber stamp on our nation’s highest court. We need to and

  20. 28 ago.

    The newest survey by , , , and shows that although , recipients worry about their future if the program were to end.

  21. 28 ago.

    As brutal summer temperatures, intense hurricanes, and dangerous forest fires threaten our communities, and are making things worse with their .

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